Activities groups summer – general info

English Conversation Groups are for women who wish to practice and improve their spoken English with the assistance of a volunteer leader. Groups of 5-15 women meet weekly in different classrooms or in the home of the leader. Groups are divided into beginner and intermediate level learners. Meetings are usually held in the daytime for about 1.5 to 2 hours. Some groups include children.

Discussion Groups meet twice a month in the homes of members to discuss different topics or  films. Meetings are educational and usually last about 2 hours. They give women from around the world a chance to learn about each other’s culture. Discussions take place in the language of the group (English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish). The participants choose various topics of general interest. Some English groups discuss international films.

Reading Groups are focused on reading magazines, books, newspapers and online articles from local websites. These groups meet twice a month during the day. They are divided into beginner, intermediate (low), intermediate (high) and advanced reading material. Some groups may include children.

Special Interest Groups offer a wide range of activity groups focused on a specific interest. These are categorized in the following main groups: Food, Arts and Crafts, Exercise/Fitness and excursions. Within these categories you can find a range of activities to join.  All provide great chances for women to make conversation and new friends. Groups meet weekly,  twice a month or monthly.

  • Cooking and baking groups offer demonstrations of international cuisine with member participation. If a member is interested in cooking/baking activities, she can join only ONE of these groups.
  • Participants meet together in Arts and Craft groups to knit, quilt, cook, paint using watercolors. Arts and Craft groups learn and share new techniques. The knitting group welcomes all women who have basic knitting skills. The quilting bee is for women who know how to quilt.
  • In the Exercise and Fitness groups, women hike and stroller walking. The Monday hiking group and Wednesday stroller walking group (activity with kids) meet at Gallup Park. The Thursday hiking group meets at different locations and hikes in the morning in the hotter months.
  • In the excursion groups women go on food related excursions, discover the city of Detroit or go on an outing with their small children. 

Tea Groups are friendly, informal social gatherings of 10-20 Hostesses and Guests. They meet at least once a month in the homes of hostesses for conversation, refreshments and friendship. Meetings are usually held in the daytime for about 2 hours. It is not necessary to be fluent in English to participate in a Tea Group, and transportation is available if needed. Regular Tea Groups focus on guests, and meet at different hostesses’ houses. Light refreshments are provided by the hostess. Baby/Toddler Tea Groups focus on the babies and toddlers (play, songs, baby development), and meet once or twice a month led by the same hostess at the same house, where mothers can interact while the children play.


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