Welcoming Women of all Nations (Since 1958)

Welcome to International Neighbors of Ann Arbor

International Day

Socializing, refreshments and special programs give women an opportunity to share their cultures and gain a deeper insight into American life.


Our monthly programs and small groups are held from September through May. Some groups continue throughout the summer.


We are International Neighbors

We are a non-political, non-religious, non-commercial organization that welcomes ALL women from ALL nations with friendship, love, and respect. We stand with our newcomers and longtime members, as good neighbors do, and support them in times of need.”

Conversation, Discussion, & Reading

Tea Groups and Monthly Gatherings

Make friends, and explore different cultures

Volunteer opportunities and more!

Activities & Groups?

International Neighbors (IN) are “Neighbors” (local women) who welcome “Newcomers” (women from other countries) into the community through participation in a wide variety of activities. Our monthly programs and small groups are held from September through May.

English Conversation Groups.

English Conversation Groups are for women who wish to practice and improve their spoken English with the assistance of a volunteer leader. Learn More »

Discussion Groups.

Discussion Groups meet twice a month in the homes of members to discuss different topics or films. Meetings are educational and usually last about 2 hours. Learn More »

Reading Groups.

Reading Groups are focused on reading magazines, books, newspapers and online articles from local websites. Learn More »

Special Interest Groups.

Special Interest Groups offer a wide range of activity groups focused on a specific interest. These are categorized in the following main groups: Food, Arts and Crafts, Exercise/Fitness and excursions. Learn More »

Tea Groups.

Tea Groups are friendly, informal social gatherings of 10-20 Hostesses and Guests. They meet at least once a month in the homes of hostesses for conversation, refreshments and friendship. Learn More »

Our History

In 1958, Esther Dunham learned from a friend at the University of Michigan International Center that an increasing number of foreign graduate students were arriving in Ann Arbor with their families. The wives and children often faced difficult adjustments and loneliness. Mrs. Dunham and her neighbors responded, offering hospitality with a series of informal gatherings of neighborhood groups, more or less, on a monthly basis. English Conversation Groups and a newsletter were added.

Special Events

Fall Open House

Old and new members gather to socialize and to learn more about activities in the coming year.

Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting takes place on the last International Day of the year in May.

International Day

International Day is a monthly gathering for all women.