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All are invited to join our Cultural Encounters group now in its fifth year. Meeting for a two-hour program once a month, we feature a different culture with a lively discussion about what makes it unique and have a delicious sampling of food.

Learn by comparing cultures

We learn from each other comparing the social aspects of our own cultures. How large a factor is community opinion versus individual choice? Is being on time important? What about authority and relationships? What is a typical wedding ceremony like? How are the people and nature connected in various cultures? Get the insights into all the dos and don’ts of our very unique countries, ask questions and broaden your world knowledge in a very relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Children are always welcome, but this year, due to the uncertainty of the Covid—19 situation we will remain on Zoom meetings this year.

In the past we had encounters featuring Indonesia, Kazakhstan, India, Poland, Japan and Somalia. Thank you to all our wonderful hostesses! Other ideas are very welcome.