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Special Interest Groups offer a wide range of activity groups, including food-related (cooking, baking), Arts and Crafts (knitting, quilting, making music), Exercise/Fitness (hiking) and excursions (Foodies, Chat and Chew, Discover the “D”). Participants meet together in Arts and Craft groups to knit, quilt, cook, and make music. In the Exercise and Fitness groups, women hike and stroller walking. In the excursion groups women go on food related excursions or discover the city of Detroit. All activities provide great chances for women to make conversation and new friends. Groups meet weekly, twice a month or monthly.

Cooking and baking groups offer demonstrations of international cuisine with member participation. If a member is interested in cooking/baking activities, she can join only ONE of these groups.

Arts and Craft groups learn and share new techniques. The knitting group welcomes all women who have basic knitting skills. The quilting bee is for women who know how to quilt. Please note that the crocheting group is on hold and will not meet again until the fall of 2019.

The Monday hiking group and Wednesday stroller walking group meet at Gallup Park. The Thursday hiking group meets at different locations and hikes in the morning in the hotter months.

The Foodies group visits different ethnic markets and eateries/restaurants. The Chat and Chew group visits different restaurants once a month and the Discover the “D” group takes tours of buildings in Detroit and other Detroit sceneries.

Some of our Special Interest Groups continue during the summer. Some groups prefer to maintain a balance of women from different countries to offer more diversity. Children are not included in these groups EXCEPT for the stroller walking group.

Food Groups

Baking Adventures

Nothing evokes the comforts of home better than freshly baked treats straight from the oven. We plan to bake old and new American favorites and International favorites. The members will decide what they want to bake when we get together for our first planning meeting in October. We will usually meet on the 3rd Friday of the month.

Everyone can contribute by baking a recipe from their country with the whole group or share their culture by bringing a special recipe or food item for the group. Most meetings will be at the leaders homes. Come join us.

This group cannot accommodate children.

International Cooking Group

Meetings will begin at 9:30 am the leader’s home and will end around 12:30 pm, after the group has lunched on what has been prepared that day.

Each member will “demonstrate” by preparing typical dishes of her home country (using ingredients brought by her).

Members will be selected from all those who sign up in a manner that maximizes the variety of nationalities.

Attendance – Participants are expected to come on time (without children) and to let the leader know in advance if they must miss a meeting, regardless of the reason. If they miss a meeting without letting the leader know, they will be replaced with someone on the waiting list.

*This group cannot accommodate children.

Vegan Baking and Cooking

Meeting on the 2nd Friday of the month, 10am – 11:30am

Members will meet at the leaders home, leader will demonstrate and share some simple vegan recipes. Members will also be welcome to share any of their favorite recipes.
A limited number of children will be welcome in this group but please be aware there will be no childcare available.

Vegetarian Cooking Group

Who: The group is for vegetarian and non-vegetarian women who would like to learn more about vegetarian cooking. It’s important to have women from many countries, so we learn about food from different cultures.

What: We take turns making vegetarian dishes and bringing them (or demonstrating how to make them) at our meetings.

Where: We take turns meeting at the homes of some of our members. (It is not necessary to host a meeting to be in the group.)

Attendance: It is important to tell the leader and the host if you cannot be at a meeting. If you can’t come to most of the meetings, someone on the wait list will take your place in the group.

*This group cannot accommodate children.

Arts and Crafts

Knitting Group

Who – The group is for women who CAN knit. You don’t need to know a lot, just how to knit and purl. We share patterns and help you improve your skills.

Supplies – You purchase your own yarn and needles. We have pattern books, etc. you can borrow.

Attendance – We meet every Thursday in a craft room for two hours, except on International Day. Come when you can and stay for one or two hours.

*This group cannot accommodate children.

Beginner Quilting

The beginner quilting groups are learning groups. We teach the basics of quilting.

Regular attendance is necessary. Two no-shows without excuse will be removed from the class and space given to the next person on the waiting list.

*This group cannot accommodate children.

Quilting Bee Group

The quilting bee is a social group for women who know how to quilt.

Everyone works on their individual project.

No regular attendance is required.

*This group cannot accommodate children.

Crocheting Group

What – A chance to meet with other women and learn crotcheting skills and learn about each other. Light refreshments will be provided.

Where – at the leaders home (she has a dog, but it will be upstairs)

Supplies – you supply your own yarn and hooks – patterns will be available

Attendance – Let the leader know if you can or cannot attend. You can stay for an hour or the whole time.

*This group cannot accommodate children.


We will have fun sharing music from around the world – learning songs from a variety of cultures – both traditional and current. Please join us if you play an instrument or enjoy singing.

Exercise and Fitness

Monday Hiking Group

What – we meet at Gallup Park for a 1 1/2 – 2 hour hike in the U of M Arboretum March – November, weather permitting. Sometimes we go up many steep hills. We take a break half way. No one hikes alone and we talk as we walk.

Attendance – Come when you can, but arrive by 10am because we leave on time

*This group cannot accommodate children.

Monday Hiking Group

What – We walk for about 1 1/2 hours twice a month April – November, weather permitting. In the cooler weather we begin at 1 pm and in the hotter months we begin at 10am.

Where – The group meets at different locations in the Ann Arbor area. On the Sunday before the hike, the next location and directions are sent to members.

Attendance – Come when you can, but come on time.

*OK for children, but not toddlers, because some of the trail are uneven and not good for strollers.

Stroller Walking Group

What – we meet every second Wednesday for about an 1-hour walk

When – March through November, weather permitting. An email will be sent the week prior to the meet.

Attendance – Come when you can, but arrive by 10:00 am because we leave on time.

*** Children are included in this group, bring your stroller or your carrier, if toddler would like to walk we can include some slow walking time towards the end of the walk for them.

Optional- Stay afterwards for a play.


International Foodies Group

This is an excursion group.

Participants choose, as a group, various places in southeast Michigan and northwest Ohio that they want to visit for the day. Lunch out is always a part of the excursion, and many of the excursions involve making something, or learning about a new culture.

Past excursions have included traveling to Hamtramck to make a Polish folk craft, visiting Sauder Historic Village in rural Ohio, taiko drumming in Novi, and visiting the Toledo Museum of Art to see a show on Native American art, and make glass beads.

Participants need to be aware that the excursions can leave as early at 8:30 am and arrive back as late as 4 pm. Also, the participants need to pay for all their expenses; a typical excursion is about $20.

*This group cannot accommodate children.

Chat and Chew

Join this fun and active group to get to know each other and establish lasting friendships in a casual environment. The meetings will be at a coffee shops, restaurants, bistro’s, etc.

After the 1st meeting each member will be asked to choose a month. They will select the restaurant, make the reservation and confirm with the group.

Discover the “D”

You know the Detroit Zoo, went to a Tigers game, walked the river walk and even went downtown. But this group takes it further! Discover Detroit like never before: guided architectural walks, the Eastern Market, backstage visits of the Fox Theatre and the Tigers Stadium and bicycle tours. But also less known parts like Hamtramck, the underground railroad and Urban Farms. We’ll also show you the culinary hotspots and the fun bars.

We’ll carpool from Arborland to Detroit once a month, starting in November. We’ll meet up in October to discuss all practicalities.