By Carole.

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of two of our former members and a family member of one of our long-time members, since our May Newsletter.

Louise Gregory:  11/20/29-5/14/19, age 89.  Louise joined International Neighbors in the 1980s and was Secretary (on our Board) from 1986-1988.  She was Tea Groups Coordinator (called “Chair” back then) from 1989-1991.

When reading groups were reintroduced in 2006, she was my co-leader of the Intermediate Reading Group from February 2006 to the summer of 2009.  She was generous, enthusiastic, and caring, hosting many of our meetings in her home.

She not only cared greatly for our IN members, but also various educational projects or programs in the Ann Arbor area, having been an elementary school teacher and active participant in the Boy and Girl Scouts while living in Dearborn. She not only volunteered in IN but at her neighborhood elementary school (Dicken).  She was a strong supporter of reading programs and we were very fortunate to have her enthusiasm for our Reading Groups when they were starting up again.

She is survived by two children, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

We’ve missed her help over the years, but appreciate all she did for IN when she was able to participate!


Dorothy Wylie:  8/23/26-6/5/19, age 92.  Dorothy joined IN in January 1983.  She was such a familiar face for the “Guest” (Newcomers) mailing group and at our monthly International Days!  She enthusiastically joined these monthly mailing meetings…back when IN had a paper/hardcopy Newsletter that we sent out every month.  The coordinator would invite her helpers to her house for lunch and then they would sit around the table, putting labels (with the approximately 500-700 members’ names and addresses) on the Newsletters, which were then sent out by Bulk Mail.  Dorothy helped on this committee from 1999-2002.  Prior to that, she had typed up some information about auto-restraints for children (for the Board Minutes) and she was the Guest (Newcomer) Assistant in 1984.

She faithfully came to International Days, sitting at the Guest (Newcomers) table to help the new and returning members with questions or problems.

Dorothy was born in Ottawa, Canada, but grew up mainly in London, England. Before moving to Ann Arbor in 1968 with her family, she lived in Baltimore.

She is survived by four children and eight grandchildren.

We have missed seeing her at International Days since she moved to the west coast.  She was a dear, caring member!


— Jamie Strouss:  1/21/87-6/22/19, age 32.  Jamie was the grandson of one of International Neighbors’ longtime members, Mary Strouss.  He passed away unexpectantly in June.        He was a graduate of Huron High School and worked at Whole Foods, specializing in vitamins and supplements, the knowledge of which he greatly enjoyed sharing with his customers.  He is survived by his mother, grandmother and two uncles.

A terrible loss…he was so young….as I’ve said before, we should never have to survive our children or grandchildren!

If any of you would like to send us your memories of Louise, Dorothy or Jamie, we would be happy to include them in future Newsletters.