By Martha B. It is a rite of autumn for women, in great numbers, to sign up for new groups on the International Neighbors website. This includes women new to International Neighbors as well as others of us who are looking forward to trying an activity we have not participated in before. With great enthusiasm, this year was in no way different!

Since most groups start their seasons in October, by now, the women who signed up in September and early October will have heard from the group leader whether there is a place for them in the group or not.

However, this year, for some reason, IN has learned that some women have not yet heard about the status of their requests. One possible reason is that our newly remodeled website was at first allowing women to sign up without contact information (phone and email). Oops! Another possible reason could be that the registration was not correctly completed by the woman requesting it. Alternatively, the group leader may never have received the application or was unsuccessful in contacting the applicant, despite trying.

Since it is the group leader’s and activity coordinator’s responsibility to let the applicant know whether there is room in the group for her or not, we suggest that you reapply on the website if you have not yet heard about the status of your request. But, if you still do not hear about your request within 15 days, please contact us at

Looking forward to seeing you around the Neighborhood.