Dear Members:

International Neighbors will not be meeting – nor will any of our groups be meeting until April 6th.

We do not like stopping our meetings but we must be sure we are not spreading COVID19 to anyone if possible.

Please practice safe social distancing in your private lives, we want you all back when we meet again – we miss you.

We are also requesting that you take care of each other by checking in with email, phone and other social media – make sure everyone is ok.

You might consider checking on neighbors and elderly or those that may be sick to see if they would like food or supplies delivered to their porches. Also, please check our Facebook page for suggestions for things to do at home with family.

We will keep you posted and we encourage our group leaders to keep in contact with members of their groups.

Thank you all so much for being members, for being friends, and for being patient as we move forward over the next month.

Andra Bostian Ferguson – President International Neighbors