All of you – our members, past and present are the reason.

Imagine a room full of women from every country you can think of – laughing and sharing food together, peacefully and without judgment of one another. At the last International Day in November, I decided to get up on the stage so I could view the entire room. What I saw filled me with pride, humility, and most of all…hope.

For 61 years, International Neighbors has set an example for Ann Arbor and women from around the globe. Those who have participated in our programs and International Days celebrations have taught each other the value of human life, diversity, and communication.

As we continue toward the next years of success – I would ask that you take a moment to realize the impact and possibilities that International Neighbors presents. Think about the vision of the Founding Mothers 61 years ago – think about what IN means to you and the international friendships made from 1958 to 2019. It is extraordinary what has been accomplished and what you are doing to further our mission.

You ARE International Neighbors – you are the inspiration and the foundation that will lead us forward. We count on you for ideas, for volunteering and leadership. Continue coming to IN days, volunteering and continue attending the activity groups – AND please keep talking about us to everyone you know!

Thank you for allowing me to represent IN as President, I am honored and grateful for this opportunity.

Andra B.F.- President