By Marcy.

Music is one of my great joys in life! I love to get together with my friends and sing all kinds of music for hours. We sing from songbooks that encompass a whole range of genres including folk, popular, religious, country western, and even lullabies. We’re so content making music together that we create a wonderfully happy, even exuberant experience.

What can be a happier way to spend some time on a wintry afternoon than to gather around to enjoy live musicians playing their guitars, mandolins, fiddles, and harmonicas, while singing along to their cheerful tunes! We have enjoyed so much having our own IN group sing for us, and this February IN Day we’ll get to enjoy hearing the longtime, beloved performers, brothers Laszlo and Sandor Slomovits, who go by the name of Gemini. It’s very special to have Gemini come and perform for us, and it’s sure to be a wonderful time for you and your children. Hope you can join us February 20 at 1:00 for this fun IN Day!