By Robyn F.

Warm and Wonderful Tea Groups

International Neighbors began in a Tea Group over 60 years ago when an American lady welcomed international friends to her home for coffee and conversation. After that the international guests were not quite as homesick while thousands of miles away from their countries. And happily these warm and wonderful Tea Groups continue today.

What makes the Tea Groups special is the core group of friends who stay together year after year welcoming a new group of guests each year. There is something very special about being invited to someone’s house once a month. Your hostess can be American or a long time international resident. Each month is different.  Think of it as being part of a multi-generational family: grandmothers, young mothers, and everything in between. Children are always welcome. Need a ride? We’ll pick you up and bring you to the Tea Group.

In addition to our long standing regular Tea Groups we have Baby Tea Groups which give young mothers a chance to get together with their babies and toddlers. Young mothers are welcome to join both kinds of Tea Groups.

Interested in joining a Tea Group? Please request to join on our website no later than Wednesday, Sept. 25th for the most availability. Our groups can get filled up quickly. And we are always looking for new hostesses as well. Just let us know and we’ll find a perfect group for you.