By Juri

fourIn Japan, we can see fall leaves turning beautiful red and yellow in this season every year.  A lot of festivals are also observed.  Shichi-go-san is one of them.

November 15th is the day for shichi-go-san.  Shichi(7)-go(5)-san(3) literally means seven, five and three.  When children reach these ages, they usually dress up in a kimono or a hakama and go to a Shinto shrine in the neighborhood to celebrate their healthy growth.  They also take commemorative photos at a photo studio.

As I was writing this article, it made me think about my own shichi-go-san.  I got quite excited when I put on makeup and a kimono for the first time.  I felt like a princess!

Now, I have a 3-year-old son.  We’re not able to celebrate shichi-go-san for him in Japan.  When we visit Japan the next time, we’d like to celebrate his shichi-go-san.  We’d be happy if he also feels like a prince!