By Sawako

sevenJapan is known for sushi but we also like to grill fish. As a fun fact, Japanese people eat grilled fish not only for lunch or dinner but also for breakfast. How do we prepare grilled fish on a busy morning?

All houses and apartments in Japan are equipped with a “fish grill” attached to the oven top like a secret drawer. It has a grill rack inside and a heater above it. As the fish is grilled, the excess fat will drip onto the bottom rack. We can cook healthy and tasty fish inside the house easily without the use of any bulky barbeque equipment that is designed for outdoors.

When I was a child, the mouthwatering aroma of my mother’s grilling fish in the kitchen often woke me up and made me rush into the dining room. Unfortunately, the younger generation tends to have a Western breakfast these days which means the fish grill is less frequently used. However, I believe this unique equipment has never disappeared from the Japanese kitchen. The grill is a symbol of the Japanese tradition of enjoying fish on a daily basis.