By Marcy

What a variety of foods we, Americans, can eat for breakfast.  My regular breakfast as a young child was prepared by my father and consisted of a soft boiled egg removed from its shell, broken up, and mixed in with pieces of white bread.  I loved it!  Then talk of the dangers of getting high cholesterol from eating too many eggs ended this lovely daily ritual.  Soon my typical breakfast consisted of a bowl of cereal – either corn flakes or oatmeal – accompanied by tea with milk and sugar.  On special occasions I might have one or two Danish pastries instead.  Sundays were the occasion to have a larger breakfast of fried eggs, bacon, and toast. Now an everyday American breakfast is very likely to consist of fruit and yogurt as well as some kind of cereal drawn from the huge array available.  A special breakfast would still most likely include eggs, breakfast meat, potatoes, and toast, or an omelet which is a dish made from beaten eggs with other ingredients like cheese or vegetables folded into the mixture as it is cooked.  A steaming hot cup of freshly brewed coffee and a tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice are indispensable additions to a good breakfast.  I can’t wait for April’s IN day to see what wonderful breakfast treats are in store for us there!