By Lana

I was raised enjoying a hot cop of tea as part of my breakfast and dinner ritual. I have since moved away from that practice but still enjoy an occasional cup of flavored tea mostly while enjoying a good book or on a cold winter day.


As a preteen, I looked forward to the annual church tea party that took place on a Saturday. It was a gathering of family, friends, neighbors and older church members, good music and an assortment of tasty snacks. I can see it as if it were yesterday, putting on my Sunday School/Church Clothes (special outfit/s and you had to take those off as soon as you arrived home from services) and attending the church’s fundraiser.

There was a variety of hot teas, served in teacups and saucers that you would hold just so, with your finger sticking out, and making conversation. Other beverages included sweet drink or sodas and juices. Some of the edibles included cucumber and cheese sandwiches, delightful tasting scones filled with tuna or chicken, pastries, cakes and fruit.

Sometimes there would also be a fashion show, and some of the well-dressed attendees had the opportunity to model their outfits, on the stage. One of the other things that made it memorable for me were the outfits worn by the older female church members, especially the huge, Easter-like hats that blocked the view of the people seated close to them.