By Jennie

You may have wondered about the structure of our International Neighbors organization, how it runs and who is involved. This article is the first in a series of newsletter articles you will see over the coming months introducing you to the International Neighbors leadership and how the organization works. In this issue, we will give you an overview of the major structure and highlight Vesna who is International Neighbors Vice President.

To begin with, think about the women who organize the meetings and activities you attend. For example, you’ll see women who organize your tea group, conversation group, or discussion group, and women who organize a hiking group, painting group or another special interest group. You’ll also see a team of women who organize and run International Day each month. All these women are members of International Neighbors who volunteer their time to help keep events and meetings running smoothly and help you enjoy and learn from the activities.

Volunteers who care about International Neighbors and that it remains a successful organization, focusing on friendship and cultural exchange for women from across the world, in fact run the whole organization. As with many volunteer organizations, International Neighbors also has an executive board of officers and committee coordinators that oversee and coordinate all the activities and services that the organization offers. Robyn, for example, is the coordinator for all tea groups, Dale is the coordinator for all conversation groups, Julie is the President, Vesna the Vice President, Virginia the Treasurer and Abby the secretary. There are many more women involved at these levels of the organization representing a good number of member countries. Above all though, they are dedicated to helping run the organization they have come to know and enjoy.

The board and coordinators meet monthly to ensure the organization is running successfully and to discuss new ideas and needs. So for example, in June, the board met to discuss the results of the member survey held earlier in the year. You’ll see various projects and programs resulting from that discussion.

Let us know if you have more questions about the board, the organizing structure of International Neighbors or any other questions on how the organization works. Either contact through the website Contact page, or talk to us at the next IN Day.