By Dale

Conversations Groups are weekly, fun and diverse.  Leaders got together at lunch and discussed each groups’ varied activities.  Here is a summary of what they do beyond conversations:

Monday morning Beginning Group meets in a condo community room.  The group took a trip to By the Pound, a small store on Main Street, where shoppers can scoop and measure their purchases.  They also played songs with printed lyrics to hear and understand the vocabulary.
Monday morning Intermediate Group celebrates birthdays at different venues.  They are reading Memoirs of a Geisha and will watch the movie.  They also enjoy going out to breakfast.

Tuesday morning Group, all levels and with children in the nursery, just had a potluck to say good-bye to two women who are moving.  The group went bowling, played at Jungle Java, and will visit Domino’s Farm.

Tuesday afternoon Intermediate Group enjoys meeting at Bank of Ann Arbor, and the members have visited the apple orchard, UM Art Museum, Domino’s Farm, and several cafes.

Wednesday morning Intermediate Group meets at North Campus Research Complex.  They talk about holidays, weddings, children, and health issues, all with a multi-cultural focus, noting similarities and differences between countries.

Thursday afternoon Beginning and Intermediate Group meets at cafes.  Members have visited the Botanical Gardens, the Art Museum, and walked around campus.