by Martha B.

The English word “library” comes from the Latin word “libraria” meaning bookstore.
However, a modern library is much, much more than just a collection of books.

In Ann Arbor we have a very excellent public library system where residents can borrow more than just books. With an Ann Arbor library card, most of us have borrowed both movies and music. But did you know that you can also borrow (1) Art Prints to put on your wall? (2) Tools, including Sewing Machines and Telescopes? And (3) indoor and outdoor games to entertain children and adults alike?

Also, are you aware that, at most branches of the library, you can buy at deeply discounted prices books that have been donated or taken out of circulation? As a bonus, when you are done with your book, you can re-donate it back to the library to resell it to another reader! Since the money earned goes back into the library system, it is truly a “gift that keeps on giving!”

Of note, is that, as Summer approaches, the Ann Arbor District Library will announce a summer reading game in which you and/or your children can participate. By reading books and participating in other activities, you can earn prizes, including the forgiveness of library fines that you may have incurred when you returned library materials after the due date! More information about the Summer Game can be found at the library website in early June.

Enjoy your library! And remember it is more than only about books!