By Martha B.

A belly laugh is a hearty laugh originating from the abdomen (also known as one’s “belly”). While I am not qualified to write about Belly Dancing, I surely can report to you a bit about the benefits of a good belly laugh:

Laughter has been measured to increase heart rates by 10 to 20 percent, and therefore, according to experts at Huffpost the side effects of laughter include “stress relief, sounder sleep, potential better blood sugar regulation, and strengthening of the immune system.” It is almost like a miracle drug!

At the January International Day, we will all get a chance to watch, and then perhaps to try out, the art of Belly Dancing. Maybe some of those watching us dance will get a few belly laughs at our expense. Ha, Ha! Either by dancing or laughing, we all will have a healthy experience.

And, did you know, that each year January 24 is designated “Belly Laugh Day.” I certainly did not, but this year I have circled it on my calendar and plan to celebrate by telling an amusing story.