by Jennie

I never have breakfast immediately on waking.  I need to think about the world a bit first with a big mug of English style tea, maybe with a little biscuit (cookie).  I can’t walk out of the front door without breakfast though, so I eat breakfast every morning.  My tastes wander backwards and forwards during the week between slices of toast with fruit on top, or yoghurt, cereal, and fruit.  At weekends though, my husband and I will often cook a full breakfast including eggs, and toast, maybe with some bacon or other meat, beans, and tomatoes.  We wash that all down with a big cup of coffee.

My husband likes to remember the joke if we’ve forgotten to buy eggs for breakfast: “We’d cook a great plateful of ham and eggs, if only we had some ham!”

When I was growing up, my mother made breakfast for the whole family. Especially at weekends, breakfast was a time for the family to get together to start the day, just as we would all sit down together for dinner to end the day. Breakfasts would vary between porridge, cereal, or eggs.  We’d occasionally have eggs with a fish known as a kipper.  A kipper is a herring, spliced down the middle, salted and smoked.  It is delicious heated in a little water and butter and served with scrambled or poached eggs.