DSC04208By Ramya

Here is something about you and our leaders from my point of view for our newsletter this month.

Even though I came to Ann Arbor, Michigan, 4 years ago, I joined International Neighbors last year because of Jennie, our newsletter team leader.  I really admired her in many ways.  Once I felt alone, far from my home country and parents.  I met her and she introduced me to our International Neighbors. I like her well-organized manner, politeness, caring, and calm behavior.  She usually thinks about others’ feelings; she always gives opportunities to all.  I really learned a lot from her.

I like all the International Neighbors leaders.  I like the way they are patient and responsible in answering all our newcomer silly questions.  We, as foreigners, really are fortunate to have all the International Neighbors leaders with us to guide us in the United States.