By Yasue


Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons in Japan. Blooming cherry blossom trees are seen in many places such as parks, temples, shrines and riverbanks. All the places are covered with pink blossoms, which is fascinating. As soon as the trees start blooming, people hold picnic parties with their families, friends and coworkers under the trees . This seasonal spring custom is called “Ohanami”. People enjoy Ohanami with Japanese traditional drinks and homemade food or food brought from food stalls until late at night. Also, cherry blossom festivals are held in many places throughout Japan. In the evening, when lanterns light up, the beautifully illuminated blossoms are different from daytime look, and the festive atmosphere is fantastic.

I have many wonderful memories of Ohanami. Every year, my friends got together and had parties under the trees until late at night. We always had a great time enjoying the food, drinks, talking and illuminated cherry blossoms. If you go to Japan in spring, you would be surprised at the amazingly beautiful sights.