In Taiwan, this national holiday is celebrated on April 4th. Due to requests from parents who want to join this joyful holiday with their children, Children’s Day has been declared a non-working public holiday since 2011.

On this day, there are numerous parent-children activities sponsored by government and civic organizations to mark this holiday. For example, Hsinchu city government launches a nine-day carnival called “Children’s Arts Festival 2016 in Hsinchu – Aesop zoo!” from April 2th to 10th. The most fabulous part is that this nine-day-event is the result of a joint cooperation between the government and the most famous theatre for children in Taiwan, PaperWindmill theatre. They will be combining nearly fifty huge animal-dolls with many stories, and will make this event both entertaining and instructive.

On the other hand, how could businessmen miss this commercial festival? During this holiday, promotions such as free entry to amusement parks for kids with one parent for free, half-price discounts of toys, restaurant discounts, etc. are all attractive incentives for children to look forward to this holiday.

However, you may have noticed that the date of Children’s Day in Taiwan is different from yours. In fact, there is no specific date. Some countries, like China, Vietnam, Portugal, Poland and Macau, etc. celebrate on June 1st, some on April 4st, like Taiwan and Hong Kong, and other countries celebrate whatever date is based on their culture. For example, In Korea, Children’s Day is on May 5th, while in Japan, there are two Children’s Days, one is for girls on March 2nd, another is for boys on May 5th.

Even though Children’s Day is recognized on various dates in many places around the world to honor children, the purpose of this holiday not only focuses on children’s well-being, but also aims to strengthen the bond between parents and children as well. So why not enjoy it?


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