By Melissa, Jennie, Gretchen, Martha, Ava, and Robyn

Melissa Finds Her Favorite Swiss Chocolates Again

It is always difficult when you get addicted to a food when you lived somewhere else, but cannot find it back home.  Having lived in Geneva, Switzerland and visited there many times too, my husband and I loved the high-end Cailler Frigor Noir Chocolates.  They were only sold in Switzerland, so every time we were there we loaded up our luggage with boxes of them.  Thanks to a request for newsletter stories about chocolate, I checked online and was pleased to learn that Nestle announced that for the first time it is now selling Cailler chocolates in US.  I will again be able to indulge in this vice. They are so delicious it is hard to eat just one!

Jennie and the Mysterious Swiss Chocolate

While we lived in Switzerland, exploring the local chocolate makers was as pleasurable as hiking the mountains and eating Swiss cheese. My husband’s favorite was Sprüngli that made gorgeous truffle chocolates. The Sprüngli store at the train station was well frequented by my husband, but somehow the truff de jour (truffles of the day) very rarely made it home of an evening. He told me that they didn’t travel well!

My favorite chocolate maker was Felson, nestled in the small town of Schywz. I literally drooled when I visited the store and tasted whatever was available that day. A lady that served me on one particular day, was delighted at my choice of a big bag of orange flavored chocolate buttons. She told me that she kept a bag of these in her bedroom closet, and if she woke up during the night feeling a little unwell, she would eat some of the chocolate and go right back to sleep again. Personally, a daren’t stash chocolates in the bedroom. It would be much too dangerous!

Gretchen’s Theory on Food Groups

The four major food groups: Fruits/ vegetables, dairy, protein, chocolate! Bet you didn’t know that!

Martha’s Currency Exchange

“When I was in Warsaw last year on vacation, I found myself with extra Zloty (Polish currency) on hand.  Before heading for the airport, I converted my zloty into dark chocolate, rather than converting them at the airport at unfavorable rates of exchange.   Perhaps dark chocolate, like bitcoin, should be a new common rate of international exchange?  I would vote for it, as would many other chocolate lovers!”

Ava’s Words of Wisdom on Chocolate

Words about chocolate? Hmmm… good for mind but don’t eat mine. Haha, kidding. Chocolate makes friends. 🙂 I don’t have any chocolate flavor story to say, but I remember an interesting line from the movie Forrest Gump – “Life’s a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” I do agree that life’s full of bitter and sweet surprises, dark or white or with nuts or whatever…

Robyn’s Chocolate Adventure at Gundel’s of Budapest

On a recent visit to Budapest my husband and I dined with friends at Gundel’s, a famous, very romantic old time Hungarian restaurant. Queen Elizabeth and Vladimir Putin have also dined there. At the end of our meal our waiter came to our table and said, “I’m so sorry. We have a problem in the kitchen that needs your immediate attention!” We were taken back to the kitchen where the Executive Chef, an old friend of our Viennese host, met us and prepared for us all our choices of their desserts. The Chocolate Lava Souffle, rich, yet light and delicious was my favorite. Here is his short and simple recipe:

Gundel’s of Budapest Chocolate Lava Souffle

Serves 6

5 eggs.40g flour. 80 g butter. 120 g dark chocolate. fresh strawberries


Melt the chocolate with the butter and stir in the other ingredients until smooth. Pour the mixture into heatproof cups or molds and bake in the oven at 160 degrees celsius for 8 minutes, until ready.

Serve with any kind of fresh seasonal fruits, strawberries for instance.