By Lana.

Life as we know it is forever changed
And at times makes me feel a bit deranged
Yes, COVID 19 aka coronavirus has thrown some serious shade
And forced us to examine how we spend our days
Working thru to do lists seems a thing of the past
Replaced by wondering how long stay-at-home orders will last

I love my house and enjoy a nap
But at times in the day, I have to give myself a tap
To ensure that this is not some extended dream
As I can’t seem to wake up without a scream
Fed up with virtual meetings, thanks to Zoom
Having visions of my laptop expiring with a boom

Going to the store is now a chore
As I have to suit up with my mask, gloves and more
Practice physical distance as I navigate
The aisles to buy the items for use at home and, on my plate
Take them home and sanitize before I organize
Prolonging this nightmare of the new ‘normal’ life

Going to the movies is a thing of the past
So I am using Hulu and Netflix while this quarantine lasts
FaceTime and WhatsApp to connect with family and friends,
Channel 2 and BBC for updated news or trends
Puzzles and board games are now in
Along with my heightened compulsion and desire to win.

Are there positive outcomes in this time of added stress
Save for wondering if you will fit into your favorite dress?
You’re more chilled and creative, though nerves being put to the test
By children who are not accustomed to being at rest
Pondering if educators miss their young charges
While picturing them departing on foreign bound barges.

Yes, there is a silver lining in this time of physical distancing
As we increase the practice of random acts of assisting
Drawing closer and helping each other we work to achieve
And flatten the curve to bring Corona to its knees
No more everyman an island but instead we
Are our brothers’ keepers for eternity.