by Marcy

Most of us love to dance when we have the opportunity. Jazzercise, the theme of our March IN Day, has us dance to jazz music in a way that promotes aerobic fitness. It is a really vigorous kind of exercise that is a lot of fun. Usually it’s hard to get motivated to set aside time to exercise. Often it just doesn’t sound very enjoyable so finding a way to exercise and have a good time as well would be the perfect solution. There are actually a lot of ways to have a good time while getting an aerobic workout. You might decide to play a vigorous sport such as tennis or racquet ball. Another enjoyable form of physical activity is lively dancing. Who of us as young girls didn’t try out some of the popular dances of our time possibly including swing, the bunny hop, hip hop, square dancing, or line dancing? Hopefully we’re still going out on the dance floor to move to the music while staying in step with our partners and fellow dancers. What could be more fun! So put on your dancing shoes and come join us on Thursday, March 15, for an afternoon of dancing delight doing “Jazzercise”.