By Marcy. I’m lucky to enjoy my days during our lockdown. My life revolves around four major activities. The first is communicating with people. From the outset, I have spent a lot of time connecting with people whether they are companions here in town, good friends from my college years, or childhood pals and family. As I went through a box of mementoes, I came across graduation invitations, programs for my roommate’s senior voice recital, and letters from pen pals from many years ago. I mailed these items to my dear old friends who were delighted to step back in time to relive some wonderful memories.

My second activity is getting together with folks on Zoom. While I am delighted to see my friends online from various groups here in Ann Arbor, it is a special treat to participate in my sister’s discussion group that has been meeting for several years in her home in Baltimore, Maryland. Of course, now that everyone is staying home, they are meeting on Zoom so I have been thrilled to be able to join in their discussions. An unexpected use of Zoom for me has been having biweekly singing sessions. As always, we take turns choosing a song. With Zoom though, everyone mutes their sound while one person sings. Everyone else is singing along at home and looking quite exuberant as they sing their hearts out at their desktops!

I love my yard and garden and what perennial flowers I have been able to plant over the years. I buy some plants, but I spend a lot of time spreading around what I already have, trimming bushes (shrubs is too dignified a name for my plantings), and weeding. I get to make things tidy all the while listening to the birds and squirrels as they go about their little lives.

Anyone who knows me at all well knows that I love the card game, bridge. I am a member of International Neighbors today because of my longtime friendship with my bridge pal, Martha B. Of course, handling cards and sitting in close proximity to one another just isn’t okay right now so what’s an avid bridge fan like me going to do? Get online, that’s what! The first week of the lockdown, my friend, Klaus, was texting me that we had to go shopping for a device for me to play bridge on. One trip to Costco later, there I was all set up in record time and pitting my brains against my virtual opponents. I was hooked! The wonderful benefit of the game is that for two hours, all you can think about is how to make the most of the cards sitting in front of you. Everything else is forgotten. If you would like to learn more about this bridge game that I am so crazy about, do email me at

Stay well! Stay safe! Our hearts are bound together!