by Marcy

Cookie exchanges are such a great idea! Each person just has to bring about two dozen cookies of one kind that she has baked to the exchange, and then she will be able to take home two dozen or more cookies of all different varieties! It’s a wonderful way to add some different types of cookies to your holiday supply. Imagine my delight when I was invited to a cookie exchange last holiday season. I studied my cookie cookbook to come up with a recipe that even I could successfully bake for the occasion. The candy cane recipe caught my eye. It called for two colors of dough, red and white, that you cut into five-inch strips and wrapped around each other to make a cookie that looked just like a candy cane. That will be a cinch I thought. Well after I got my two balls of colored dough and started to roll out the individual strips of different colors, I had a sudden insight. It wasn’t easy at all! The dough crumbled or it was too soft, and my poor little cookies didn’t look very tidy at all. I forged ahead and somehow came up with two dozen sad little replicas of candy canes. The good news was that no one seemed to mind that my cookies weren’t quite perfect. We had fun taking samples of everyone’s treats, had a great time, and went home with a nice variety of cookies for our families at home.