By Lana

I remember only too well my first fall in Ann Arbor. Time to register children for school, and get bus stop schedules and locations! I waited with my daughter on our street corner for the school bus that was late in arriving. Fortunate for me, a neighbor’s little girl who was in my daughter’s home room, politely told us that the bus did not stop on the curb but in the neighboring apartment complex.

Another fall tradition to mark on your calendar is to avoid driving in Ann Arbor on University of Michigan Football Saturdays! Do your best to arrange your schedule to run any errands before or after the game or while the fans are enjoying the festivities in the Big House (Michigan Stadium) to not get caught in game day traffic. I have experienced this mass movement coming into Ann Arbor returning home from class in Livonia and do not plan to repeat this event.

One of the best pieces of advice I have received since my arrival here is to listen to the weather and dress in layers. I recall two of my nieces asking me where I was headed when they saw me venture outdoors on a bright and crisp fall day dressed in summer clothes. The weather outdoors looked like summer so I dressed accordingly. I opened the door and was greeted by a cold embrace that sent me indoors to pile on more layers. I have learnt how to dress fashionably warm in the latest fall trends and colors.

There are many things that may be different and/or new in Ann Arbor. I approached my transition positively and saw it as a growth opportunity, learning to laugh at myself first (before others did). I must confess that this article was written in the hope that we can become each other’s resource and create lasting friendships and avoid my near-miss experience of almost waiting in vain.  Welcome!