Meet Frankie S

by Martha B

Frankie S joined IN in 1969. She quickly became involved in our organization as the Conversation Group Chair. Later she became known for the excellent job that she did as editor of a booklet that IN published for many years called “Living in Ann Arbor.” In the days before the Internet, this booklet was instrumental in helping international women adjust to their new homes in Ann Arbor. It provided essential information on health, childcare, education, social customs, and safety precautions. Frankie tells me that the booklet was a “useful way for non-English speakers to learn English” and it was even “used as a text in English Conversation classes.”

One of the IN Board Meeting topics discussed while Frankie was on the Board in the 1970’s was whether to place women from conflicted areas of the world in the same book group. A Board decision was finally made to allow women who came from areas that have political differences back home to be in the same International Neighbors group together. International friendships build bridges AND International bridges build friendships!