By Lana


I enjoy traveling. It allows me to meet people, and see and experience new places cultures, people, and food.

I love Michigan and enjoy the five seasons that we have here – four we know and the last one that just shows up. I recall my first winters here and concern that the trees and flowers have had it, after seeing them bogged down with snow and ice and the feeling of relief and gratitude when they returned the following spring.

Many of my many favorite experiences here revolve around my first visits to Ann Arbor – exploring the downtown area, getting lost and retracing my steps using the Diag or Bus Station as landmarks. Other times involved attending the Art Fair where I wandered the streets and actually sat and listened to the musical artists while eating ice cream or food from street vendors. I especially loved to visit Borders Bookstore where I would sit and read books or listen to a variety of music before making a selection to purchase.

Fortunate for me, I have had the opportunity to also take road trips with family and friends to places such as the Upper Peninsula, Mackinaw Island, Traverse City and Ludington with an eye toward visiting Holland, Muskegon, and Port Huron soon. On these travels, I have shared experiences and discovered things about them and me that may never have come out had we not been in that environment.

Did someone say road trip 🙂


Image: Openclipart