St Patrick’s Day and Irish Music

By Jennie

IrishThe Ann Arbor Convention and Visitors Bureau says it’s OK to go green, not blue on March 17, St Patrick’s Day.  You’ll see many green things from sweatshirts to candy to headgear in the stores these days, but St Patrick’s Day is the celebration of the patron saint of Ireland, St Patrick.  It is a holiday in Ireland and like many holidays, originating in religious celebrations, it is also now celebrated around the world as a non-religious festival day.

Although it’s associated in many places with green beer and some wild celebrations, there are many things about Irish culture that are showcased during the celebrations.  Irish music is one of them.  “Traditional Irish music is a full body experience: the upbeat tempos compel you to dance a jig, clap your hands and join in. And that’s what trad music is all about, joining in and having the craic (fun).”  This quote from sums up what the music is all about.  Just like Flamenco that Maria tells us about, Irish music is a deep cultural tradition that can envelope everyone in some way, whether it’s just tapping your feet, or getting on those feet for a full Irish jig (dance).

Find out more about Irish music at and the history of St Patrick’s Day at’s_Day.

Take a look at Ann Arbor Convention and Visitors Bureau website for suggestions on where to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.  I know, even though it is a bar, Connor O’Neill’s is a friendly place to visit for a cup of tea or coffee, and a bite to eat and a good way to listen to some Irish bands.

If nothing else on St Patrick’s Day, wear some green 🙂