By Robyn

What can make us happy? February. The snow is wonderful for children. My neighbors built an entire family made of snow, father, mother, boy, girl, and dog. Everyone smiles. We celebrate many days in February to make our hearts warm. February 2nd is Groundhog Day. Tradition says a groundhog can tell us if we will have a long or short winter. We have ceremonies including one in Howell, Michigan. The tired groundhog is often wrong about the weather, but he is always furry and cute. We celebrate love and friendship on Valentine’s Day February 14th. You can send Valentine’s Day cards, flowers and chocolates.  February is also the month we have had our International Neighbors Tea Party, celebrating our warm friendship in the cold winter. We will do it again. Finally Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year begins February 12th and will be the Year of the Ox. An ox is strong and patient. Maybe we can be strong and patient this year too. A New Year’s dinner is the best food where you live. Some enjoy a traditional hot pot, cooking seafood, meat, and vegetables in soup. Oranges are very lucky too. Children get red envelopes with money. Making lots of noise drives away bad luck. We can all join together and wish each other “Xi Nien Kui Le!” Happy New Year!