By Marcy

Bamboozled? With a silly sounding word like that, it couldn’t be too serious. English has a lot of silly words so let’s have some fun and look at a few of them. If you’ve been bamboozled, you’ve been snookered, hoodwinked, led by the nose, or had the wool pulled over your eyes – all colorful ways of saying you’ve been tricked. Of course we all can get bamboozled by the malarkey we see and read every day in the media. Oh, you know, the malarkey – the hogwash, baloney, poppycock, or blather – all meaning insincere or foolish talk. A person who engages in such foolish talk might be a flibbertigibbet or a flighty person, that is someone who is lacking stability or steadiness. We usually hope that unstable person will get their comeuppance or just desserts. Sometimes when people hear too much malarkey, they get very upset and might cause a brouhaha, kerfuffle, hubbub, or uproar. Fortunately most people ignore the shenanigans or antics of foolish people. It’s best not to let yourself be discombobulated, bewildered, befuddled, or flummoxed by the absurd things that go on around us. We need to maintain our serendipity, sang froid, or composure. If it’s a nice day, put on your best threads, grab your bumbershoot in case it rains, and step outside to trip the light fantastic.