By Lana.

It is the time of year when the stores are bombarding shoppers with items for end-of-year holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas (to a much lesser extent and my great relief).  You cannot imagine the angst that this conundrum has brought upon me.  Here I am, trying my best to hold on to the last days of summer; wearing sleeveless tops, capris, sundresses, painting my toes so they can look decent in sandals and enjoying walks along the Huron river in the afternoon and early evening. Shame on these business owners, how dare they beat me at my own game of forward planning? They have some nerve showcasing these nice displays of decorations, costumes and holiday recipes. It is too early and I am not ready to add extra layers of clothing or prepare my home or car for the upcoming cold weather!

I remember dressing up for Halloween in Primary school. We celebrated the good or light side of the festival – fairies and angels at the ‘Halloween Bazaar”. I was not aware of the existence of hideous costumes or that people would purchase and parade around in them at competitions. The first American Halloween that I celebrated was a huge success for me, a chocolate lover. My daughter trick-or-treated for the first time and received a lot of good candy from generous friends and neighbors who wanted to welcome her into the tradition.

On the other hand, one of my young relatives experienced the shock of his life when his parents brought him to my house all dressed up to trick-or-treat. I still recall, as though it happened yesterday, the shock on his face when he held out his sack for candy. I promptly reached over and searched for “good candy”, removed and ate some of them. “No Auntie”, he said “adults are not supposed to take the candy from the children but give it to them”. Well, sad to say although I apologized profusely, he never got over that and has never returned to my house, to celebrate that holiday.

I’m still not ready for the holidays.