By Robyn, in easy English

Hollywood in Oscar season is magic. The stars! The red carpet and beautiful clothes! Who will win the Oscars? We watch it on TV but what is it like for the people who live in Hollywood?

First, the good part. It’s fun to see Hollywood getting ready for the Academy Awards. The Dolby Theater, where the Awards take place, is in a shopping center. All the store windows get covered up and big Oscar figures go up in front of the door the stars come in. Movie magic! The seats outside on the red carpet are free. You can enter a lottery to get a seat, but it is not easy. In 2019, 20,000 people tried for the 700 seats. You also get to see a lot of the movies for free if you know someone in the movie business. My daughter’s friend’s parents are screenwriters and were sent DVDs of all the nominated movies marked “For your consideration”.

Second, the bad part. The red carpet is rolled down Hollywood Boulevard which is a main street.  Many streets around it are blocked off. The traffic is terrible, hours to get home. It’s easy to see limousines stuck in traffic but hard to see a movie star. But movie stars have to eat too. After the long awards show many want nothing more than a simple hamburger. As one movie star said, “Even if I lose there’s still In-and-Out Burger!” So maybe you can see him there.

This year with the pandemic there will be no red carpet. But the Academy Awards will go on at Union Station, the main train station, which is very beautiful and big. The Dolby Theater will be used as well. The nominees have been asked to dress up. No Zoom or sweatshirts please. It will be different from other years. but still exciting. After all, Hollywood knows how to put on a show!