and made new friends

By Andra

As a fairly new volunteer neighbor to International Neighbors, (IN), I thought it might be fun to talk to one of the members at the Fall Open House on September 21st.  I wanted to learn more about why newcomers to America join IN. I asked Yukiko if I could talk to her about IN and she readily agreed. She was holding her 18 month old son who was fast asleep wrapped in a cloth carrier cozy as a baby kangaroo. I asked why she joined and what it meant to her to be part of IN.

Yukiko is from Aichi prefecture in Japan. She and her son traveled with her husband who is working in the US temporarily. Once they arrived she felt a bit lonely since he travels a lot so she began searching for things to do and people to meet.  She used the internet to find International Neighbors and joined a Baby Tea Group where she found friends and other moms that she had very much in common with. Unfortunately, since her husband’s work is ending here, Yukiko and her family will be leaving us in December and returning to their home in Japan. While living here she has developed wonderful memories and friendships that she will carry back to Japan, along with the knowledge that no matter where you are from in the world, you are welcome in International Neighbors in Ann Arbor.