By Citra

This dish came from a small island near the east part of Java Island called Madura. They are cooked grilled with coconut hardshell charcoal to make the fragrance smell even better, but of course, we can grill it with a simple BBQ grill or a grill pan.

Indonesian Chicken Satay Ingredients:

600 gr. Chicken thigh or breast fillet, cut into cube pieces ( don’t throw away the fat )
8 tbs.  Indonesian Sweet soy sauce* (you can buy it in Kroger or Chinese grocery )
8 tbs. vegetable oil
20 – 30 medium bamboo skewers

Sauce Ingredients:

300 gr. peanuts – fry until golden brown or toasted in oven, ground them but not too delicate, leave big chunks
3-5 red bird eye chili (depends on how much you want it spicy)
1 shallot chopped
2 tbs. palm sugar, thinly sliced
8 tbs. sweet soy sauce
400 – 450 cc. boiled water
1-2 tbs. lime juice

How to make

1. Insert the chicken into the skewers (3-4 pieces per skewer)
2. Making the sauce: mix ground peanut, chili, palm sugar, and boiled water with food processor.
3. Separate the sauce into two parts. Save one part for the dipping and spread, add lime juice, and sweet soy sauce. The other part is for marination.
4. Take the half of the sauce and add chopped shallot, mix it and pour into the chicken in the skewers. Marinate it at least 15 minutes for best result or you can just dip it and grill.
4. Before grilling add the sweet soy sauce and the vegetable oil into the marinate sauce and make sure all the chicken is coated with the sauce.
5. Grill until it is half cooked, and dip it again in the marinate sauce and grill it back again until the chicken is cooked and browning well.
7. Put it nicely in the plate. You can put the sauce on top or serve it aside, and drizzle a little bit of sweet soy sauce on top of the chicken.

TIPS : You can use regular chunky peanut butter if you can’t find raw peanuts.
If you are allergic to peanuts, you can skip the peanuts and make it with only sweet soy sauce.
– When you grill, don’t forget to turn around the chicken every now and then to prevent them burn.
– Sprinkle thinly sliced fried shallot in top , add chopped pickled shallot and cucumber on the side and eat with Indonesian rice cake will be the best version of eating it.

The two brands of sweet soy sauce you can find in the US are ABC and Bango.