by Robyn

The International Neighbors Tea Groups prove once again it’s possible to get a big IN Day turnout, 150 +, in the middle of winter – by throwing the fourth annual Tea Party! Here are some thanks to the many, many Tea Group members who made the event so special.

Our first Tea Group, Angell, celebrated its 60th birthday along with a surprise birthday cake for 90 year old founder, Mary. Thank you to Sharon, Alice, Vesna, and the entire Angell Tea Group for the festivities.

The Ann Arbor Hills Tea Group hosted four very different tables. Yen-ling and Julia did a splendid job hosting a Lunar New Year table with red and gold lucky decorations and traditional Chinese red bean and Korean rice cakes. Candied fruit was plentiful because if you eat something sweet in the New Year, your entire year will be sweet. Khadra served her popular Somalian ginger coffee and pancakes. Manang introduced everyone to Philippines merienda, the traditional afternoon tea that includes pancit and egg rolls served on banana leaves with a hot ginger drink. Holly brought us a traditional English cream tea, scones, clotted cream, and strawberry jam and Katya Bulgarian treats for a wonderful European table.

The Ann Arbor Woods Tea Group was again represented by Homa’s magnificent Iran Tea Table with elegant Persian tea and cookies. Thank you so much, Homa, for hosting this table for the fourth time! Nicole graciously presided over a very pretty table representing her native Switzerland laden with delicious cakes.

Adrienne and the Burns Park Tea Group outdid themselves with a multi-course traditional English tea, complete with tiny sandwiches and tarts. Their second table, titled International, was so named because so many members from different countries wanted to take part.

Merrymakers Tea Group leader, Priscilla, left her fine china for an International table led by Nancy, with treats from around the world. Accompanying this table was a historical costume demonstration by Martha K. who graciously dressed up like a Victorian lady. Aruna put together a feast at her Indian table, ably assisted by Veena, Madeera, and other Indian friends.

Janine and the Wildwood Tea Group brought the traditional hospitality famous in the American South with a Georgia Peach Tea Table. Peach tea, southern treats, and peach decorated china graced this colorful table.

Lastly, a huge thanks to everyone who helped put together our VIP tables for our Founders and Past Presidents. Thanks to Martha B. for inviting these venerable ladies and making sure they had rides to the Tea Party, to Kyoko, Takako, Julie, and Mitsue for setting the tables, to Chiaki for her beautiful Ikebana flower arrangements, to Hiromi for her exquisite cake, to Dilek for publicity, signage, and the powerpoint of historical Tea Group photos, to the IN Day committee who helped everywhere, and to Andra, Leeann and the new Music Group for serenading us – the perfect touch for our Tea Party.