Here are three sources of material, if you are interested in learning more about black history in America. They are slightly different in how they approach their lists, but they are all good sources to help you understand how history has shaped the moment we are finding ourselves in today.

This first link is to a PBS (Public Broadcast Service) article on 10 black history documentaries:

The second link is to the site, as in the History channel. It is an article where they talk about what they call milestones of black history. As this is a site where history is their main concern, milestones here are points in history that are well documented and, therefore, are significant. “Milestones” here don’t necessarily have a connotation of a good point to be celebrated but more of a point in time that is important to be remembered.

This third link is to a story from MLive, a Michigan news outlet, that partnered with the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor to list 15 movies, among documentaries and fiction-based films, that are worth watching to understand social and racial relations in United States.

These are just three such lists of material for your study and understanding. There are, of course, many more sources out there on the internet. I hope this can in some small way help you in your understanding of the situation in America today. It is a vast and grim field of study, but our understanding is important to the healing process of the American society.