By Jennie


Have you ever wondered who organizes the International Day events each month? From September through May, a whole team of women do everything from generating ideas for the monthly events, to managing the production, to ensuring everyone has a good time. I was lucky enough to meet some of these women at their monthly team meeting in February. They gave me a warm welcome, shared some of their wonderful food, and explained how they organize the events. It all starts with an idea…

Some ideas are pretty easy to generate. Kamlesh gave me an example: raise your hand if you ate too much over the winter holiday season and needed to exercise a bit. I can see (virtually) a large number of hands waving out there (including me). Well, Kamlesh says, organizing a dancing program for the January IN Day was just the thing to get people moving again, and dancing is always very popular since everybody can participate and have a lot of fun. This January we thoroughly enjoyed the line dancing.

January’s event was relatively easy to organize since the team brought in a professional dancer to teach everyone the steps. The team was not idle though. As always, they welcomed everyone with a beverage, a snack, and a friendly smile.

So if the January event was easy to organize, think about how much effort is involved in the November, Thanksgiving event. The IN Day team, seems to take on these more complex events just as easily though, tackling them with the same attitude of “Yes, we can do this.” Many of them have been part of the team for a number years and know just what to do.

That’s where the IN Day team really shines. Their, “Yes, we can do this.” attitude makes everything run smoothly each month, and just as they warmly welcomed me to their team meeting, so they welcome each and every one of us to these monthly events.

IN Day team members reflect our international organization and the spirit of volunteerism to pitch in (help) wherever they are needed. The team includes: Kamlesh and Nagwa who are in charge of the kitchen; Phylis, Adrienne, Barbara, and Veena who have been sharing the job of organizing team meetings and reporting to the board this year; Kamlesh and Adrienne will also be attending board meetings as well as DeGloria and Sawako; Helene, Homa, Krishna, and Ann also very active team members; Ora and Pen Pen who have joined the team for a few months to help organize the April program (on Thailand.) As for the day itself, everybody lends a hand with set-up and clean-up work.

So, that’s the team, and you all know what a good job they do. They volunteer hours and hours of their time to make each month’s event a success. Please raise those hands again, wave if you like, but bring them together in loud applause for this great team of volunteers. We thank you IN Day Team for all you do:)

If you’d like to join this great team to help organize monthly IN Days, contact them at