By Dale M.

Mary Margaret & Dale

Mary Margaret Hatt has been a leader of the Monday Morning Beginning Conversation Group for over 15 years. She is retiring from leading that group, but she still participates in the Burns Park Tea Group. She has always welcomed exchange students and knows that somewhere in Japan there is a little girl named “Mary Margaret” after her.

Mary Margaret was born in 1935 in an Ohio steel mill town. She was the “baby”, the youngest of eight children. Her grandfather was the mayor of the town. During World War II, she had four brothers in the war, and her father went to Utah to build steel mills. Mary Margaret lived in Provo, Utah, and then later in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, another steel town.

When Mary Margaret went to college in the south, she met the love of her life and she married him the next year, when she was a sophomore and he was a junior. She finished her degree, even with a new baby in the house. Being a mother was Mary Margaret’s first career, as she had five children. Her husband became a minister, and she helped him over the years in his different congregations.

Her second career was teaching. She took her classes at Illinois State Normal School, as teacher’s colleges were called then. She worked in Michigan for 27 years, teaching different grades. She earned the reputation, “Don’t mess with Mrs. Hatt!” She retired 20 years ago.

Mary Margaret came to live in Ann Arbor because three of her children are here. And her family is growing, as she has three great grandchildren and one on the way. She has also volunteered at a food pantry and stays busy with church and friends. We are glad she is still involved in International Neighbors and we hope to see her when the pandemic is over.