By Jennie

Vesna’s Vice Presidential duties include being a stand in for the President and Secretary in their absence, organizing publicity and special projects like the Ambassador program.  More recently, she also led the volunteer effort to run September’s Open House day.  She has a long history with International Neighbors.

Vesna and her husband moved to Ann Arbor in 1986 from former Yugoslavia.  Her husband finished training as a physician at UM.  Vesna became a member of International Neighbors and thoroughly enjoyed the friendship and the whole IN experience.  In 1987 her husband became a medical resident at a local hospital on the east side of Detroit and moving along with him, Vesna chose to become an English student at the local community college and devoted herself to looking after the family.

In 1990 the family returned to Ann Arbor where her husband became a fellow at the Rheumatology department at UM and Vesna finished training as a dental hygienist, also at UM.  Vesna’s family expanded and now one son is a senior at Pioneer high school and the older son out of college and working at UM.

About eight years ago, Vesna joined IN again and has been an active member ever since.  She joined the Angel tea group and became a co-leader of a bi-weekly article study group.  She now also co-leads an intermediate English conversation group with Pat, runs a baking group, and has just started an international foodies group.

Vesna is keen to talk about the groups she belongs to and co-runs, in particular, the conversation group that runs from October through May.  “We ask our members at the beginning of each new year what they want to concentrate on and plan the rest of the year based on a majority decision.  Sometimes they decide to concentrate on correct English grammar.  Sometimes they want to concentrate on reading in English.”  Over the past year, this group selected to study a few books that have also been made into movies.  Members read the books, and then watched the movie discussing the story and difference between the two mediums.  For example, The Secret Life of Bees and The Flip were two popular discussion topics.

Outside of IN, Vesna belongs to a book club where two books she enjoyed reading tremendously were Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese and All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.  “I also enjoy reading good Fantasy and Science Fiction and books on World War II and military history.  I love watching movies and traveling and like Romantic period poets like Robert Frost on this side of the Atlantic and W.B. Yeats on the other side.”

Meet Vesna along with other board members and activity coordinators at the October 15th IN Day meeting.