by Marcy

fiveReading through these wonderful articles describing unique tools to assist our many experienced cooks as they prepare truly delectable meals, I was thinking how can I, a non-cook, contribute to the writings of such an accomplished group. Easy! I’ll tell you about a tool every non-cook needs: a jar opener! You can see from the picture, it looks ordinary enough. But this is no run-of-the-mill jar opener. This tool is guaranteed to help you successfully remove those impossibly tight lids without fail, and it’s irreplaceable. Made in the 1930’s, it has survived all these years because it does work so reliably. How you might ask, did I come to own such an old kitchen tool and still consider it the best available? Well my mother watched anxiously over the years as I burned this and that cake and casserole. She asked herself, “What can I give Marcy that will help her keep from starving?” Then the idea came. She could give me her ever reliable jar opener. Made with gears to increase the force, the device is placed over the lid, and as you turn the handle, the jar opener tightens its grip on the lid until voilà – the top loosens! Nothing can keep me now from the spaghetti sauce, the orange slices, the jam, and the peanut butter. Dear Mom, thanks for giving me one of the most indispensable tools from your kitchen!