By Marcy

For the last several years the highlight of my summer vacation has been taking my grandson on a Road Scholar program for grandparents and grandchildren. Some time in January, Tenzin and I sit down with the Road Scholar catalog and pore over our choices. We’ve been to Virginia for a marine adventure, right here in Michigan for biking and canoeing, to the San Juan Islands of Washington for Orca Whale watching, and this summer to Kansas for Space Exploration. While we both enjoyed our wonderful guided tour through the space museum in Hutchinson, it was all the simulations and hands on experiences that captivated us. Tenzin’s hard work to master the space shuttle simulation paid off with his flawless performance as our captain, drawing praise from our camp leaders. Every child participant got to fly a Cesna 172 with instructor close by while a wary grandparent watched from the backseat. What a thrilling experience to fly at that low level with the beautiful landscape laid out below and my grandson at the controls! Tenzin was exhilarated by the whole experience and is already looking forward to next year’s challenge, and so am I!