By Shirley.

If you are reading this, you are familiar with what the Newsletter group does. The Newsletter is published once a month and is composed of several articles written by the members of our team and by contributing members. The Newsletter group is not one to which you sign up on the website – it is a working group that accepts volunteers. The goal of the Newsletter is to inform members of what is happening in our IN community and create interest in the activities organized by IN. We are also interested in articles which our writers might consider important or appealing to our membership.

Every month, the editor in coordination with IN Board members, gives out a theme and a deadline for articles submission. Each member can interpret the theme as she wishes. The article can be of any length and can contain photos. Once the text is submitted to the editor, she will fix any grammar or spelling problems the writer might have missed and then the articles are sent to the Webteam, which will publish the Newsletter.

This group does all its work and communication by email. We meet maybe once or twice a year for social gatherings.

If you like to write and would like to join us, email us at

Are you unsure if you would like the group? You can always contact us to be a contributing writer for a month.