Some days after the Oscars were awarded in Hollywood, the Movie Group came together to celebrate the Oscars winners and the winners of the Oscar guessing game. IN members competed by guessing who the Oscar winners were going to be. Martha B. organized the game and the Oscar party and her son tabulated everybody’s answers and came up with four winners – the ones that had the most correct answers. With funds obtained from “White Elephant” sales, the Movie Group rented a screening room at a local movie theater and watched the film “Minari” together. There were 17 people present and since the whole screening room was dedicated to the group, there was a lot of space for social distancing. Everybody kept their masks on and after the movie the awards were presented. Most ladies had not been in a movie theater since the pandemic started or had even met with other friends. Therefore, everyone who attended the delightful event also felt like a “winner.”

The four winners were:

  1. Martha B
  2. Imen G
  3. Robyn F
  4. Samia B

Afterwards, Imen had this to say: “Yesterday’s movie outing was so much fun for me. The movie was great and the company even greater. Here are the photos of the prize winners who were present.”


Martha B

Iman G

Samia B