by Rei H.

In the last month’s newsletter article, I mentioned about Oshiruko, rice cakes in the sweet red bean soup as part of the New Year holiday’s dishes in Japan.

Oshiruko by Sota-k on Flickr

Oshiruko is one of my favorite sweet desserts. Oshiruko’s soup is made of red beans called Adzuki, sugar, and water. In the soup, you drop one to two toasted Mochi. Why do we eat Mochi during the New Year holidays? Because Japanese believe eating Mochi brings a healthy life as Mochi symbolizes longevity with its gooey and stretchy texture.

Oshiruko is considered a healthy dessert as it has a subtle sweetness with no grease. Because of the delicious taste, Japanese enjoy Oshiruko not only during the New Year’s holidays but also throughout the year.

Most of you may not have tried Oshiruko for the New Years holidays, but how about you try one for a change these holidays? However, watch out not to overeat Oshiruko, because of its addictive yummy taste!