By Marcy T.

Ann Arbor offers a wide variety of programs and activities for our children, and the newsletter is starting a monthly column to help you learn about some of those resources.  A great place to start your search for suitable activities is in the Ann Arbor Observer City Guide which comes out every year in August and includes a section on resources for children.  Lists of schools, child care, activities, and sports are all included.

Is your little one still less than two years old?  The Ann Arbor District Library has daily playgroups for babies up to 24 months of age.  They offer a wonderful opportunity to give your young child playtime with children their age and to enable parents to get acquainted as well.  Children ages 2-5 can participate in Storytimes which take place every day at the different library branches.  You can learn more about these activities at

What child doesn’t enjoy playing sports?  The Ann Arbor Observer lists numerous opportunities for your child to participate in a wide variety of sports including softball, basketball, gymnastics, ice skating, running, soccer, swimming, and volleyball to name just a few.  More information is available at

The Ann Arbor Public Schools Department of Community Education and Recreation, better known as Rec & Ed, offers a wide variety of children’s classes in art, dance, languages, gymnastics, robotics, music, martial arts, chess, and sports.  To find their homepage, go to  In the dropdown menu under Choose School, select Rec & Ed at the very bottom of the list.  You will find all their classes listed there in their online catalog.

If you’re looking for a fun activity for the afternoon, a visit to the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum or the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History is always a success.

Have fun with your children!