by Lana

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To recycle or not to recycle, that is the challenge. I have the best of intentions but sometimes the best-laid plans go wrong.

Recycling is challenging for me. What if I can use that same item in the future and have to repurchase it? I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten rid of something and then almost immediately had a need, or knew of someone who could use it.

I love to read and may possibly be the last person in a library clinging to a book or magazine. While I appreciate the digital forms and resources that are available for publications, I like the feel and satisfaction from turning the pages of a real book. I love going to the local library and most times end up purchasing second-hand biographies or self-help books at the Friends of the Library bookstore.

Clothes and household articles are another story. I recycle clothes that I would wear (if my laundry soap had not shrunk them) and linens by either giving them to family, friends or donating them to Goodwill or Salvation Army. I do not place my recyclables in the donation boxes at Shopping Malls and other public locations, as I am doubtful if the contents get to the intended recipients.

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Plastics represent a special challenge as I start out with good intentions but forget to separate them out and end up including them with the trash. I am most successful when I place them in a separate, dedicated receptacle. This is a stretch for me, as I may not have a lot of other recyclables (use natural cleaners and terry cloths versus paper towels) to cut down on waste.

Image: Jameswaste

Spring is my favorite season. It represents a time of renewal when things that appeared to be dead, vegetation and some outdoor activities, come alive and is a great time for recycling. If all else fails, think of the room you will have for the new when you recycle/repurpose the old.