By Robyn

Longtime leader of the Go Go Tea Group Susanne (Susi) Waltjen passed away March 13, 2021 aged 90. She was an elegant lady from Switzerland who settled in Ann Arbor in 1985, joining International Neighbors right away. Susi is remembered for her kindness, strong opinions, and gracious hospitality, welcoming generations of international neighbors to her home over the years. Guests were always impressed by her delicious Swiss cakes and her intricate hand-crafted knitwear. She loved nature. Her good friend and co-leader Phyllis Husted remembers the time they took their Tea Group to the University of Michigan Peony Garden at the height of its beauty. It was an amazing day and happiest of memories. Phyllis and her husband David were able to have lunch with Susi and her husband Carl shortly before the pandemic began last year. She recalls that Carl, the most able bodied of the four, had quite the time helping Phyllis and Susi in their walkers and David in his wheelchair get into the restaurant. What a laugh they all had about getting old, yet it was so worth it to catch up with dear friends.